Write Somebody a Letter Today.

Author Mary Robinette Kowal has declared February the month of writing letters. The idea is that you write a letter–a real, handwritten letter, sent by snail mail–every day in February that the mail runs (that’s 24 letters altogether). You can send cards, letters, postcards, magazine clippings, random odds and ends…anything you want.

Now, I’m a huge nerd for stationary…I always buy cute stationary and cards, even though I don’t really have any need for it. I think I just to think of myself as a regency bluestocking, sitting down at a delicate little desk with a cup of Darjeeling to write my correspondence.

Besides the opportunity to use up some of my bales of stationary, I really like this idea because (like everyone) I just really love to get mail. Who doesn’t love getting a nice envelope in the mail, with smudges of dirt and ink on it and real stamps in the corner? Plus, letters are so much more permanent than an email. When I was studying abroad in Spain my boyfriend and I wrote letters back and forth to each other (although admittedly he was a lot better about it than I was), even though we obviously had email and Skype. The stack of Cam’s letters that I had at the end of the semester is such an old fashioned, romantic souvenir from that time, and I love that I have it to keep instead of just a bunch of emails saved in my Gmail.

So anyway, take some time this month to write someone a real, paper letter. It’s a fun way to cheer somebody up, and it only costs as much as a stamp. Plus, you feel like a Bronte sister while you’re doing it.

P.S. If you’re in the NH Seacoast Gus & Ruby Letterpress is my favorite place to get something pretty to mail. Don’t go unless you’re ready for some impulse shopping. Image via the Paper Hounds blog.


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