Selling Yourself in a Tough Economy-Post 1

**This is a blog post for the marketing class I’m taking at UNH right now. Bear with me, there’s a couple more coming.

My ideal career would  integrate my strong writing skills and my creativity. I’m studying journalism right now, but I would like to take my skills to copywriting, marketing or advertising. I like to be working on a variety of different projects throughout the day, and to work in a collaborative setting. My target job market is definitely Greater Boston. I would like to be working for a marketing agency, or doing in-house marketing for a business. I’m interested in marketing/social media for non-profits, especially in education, the arts and public health, but I don’t know exactly how to go about exploring those areas.

I’m a news editor at The New Hampshire and a copywriting/marketing intern at Vital Design. I did my journalism internship as an arts and culture reporter for Hippo Press in Manchester. My work as a reporter and editor has finessed my skills as a a copyeditor and writer, while working at Vital has given me a good base of knowledge about social media, SEO and marketing. One of my favorite projects has been contributing to the Vital Design blog, and one of my favorite recent stories at The New Hampshire was this interview with the man who cares for the clocktower in Thompson Hall.


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