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Dept. of Endorsements #1

#Longreads: Coke adapts to Americans’ realization that Coke is killing us  – Bloomberg BW
The middle class takes a stand at Market Basket – Esquire 
“A database of intentions” An interview with Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp – The Atlantic 
Album: Jenny Lewis – The Voyager
Haven’t always been the biggest fan of Jenny Lewis’ solo work, although I will put on Rilo Kiley’s “The Execution of All Things” and settle in for a good cry any day. That said, I’ve had “The Voyager” in heavy rotation for a week now and can report that it’s sad and funny and pretty and I like it very much.
Books: The Empathy Exams by Leslie Jamison. I tore through this once fast on an airplane, and then went back and methodically read the whole thing again. Wolf down the fascinating reporting and personal history, then savor the “damn girl” moments in the prose. The knockout first essay is online here if you are not convinced.
Recipe: This bomb 20-minute gnocchi dish, which has literally four ingredients and is pretty much a perfect summer dish. (I also put in an onion, because I’m not a savage, and dumped in some of the white wine I was drinking, so… six ingredients).
Movie: “Boyhood”. Somehow this is a movie with no major tragedy that manages to make you think about what a series of small tragedies life is–while also being funny and deeply recognizable, and possibly making you feel guilty about what an asshole you were as a teenager. The last scene with Patricia Arquette kind of wrecked me.

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